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Stitches n giggles coupon code

stitches n giggles coupon code

blanket? Talk. The only difference with making a blanket with circular needles is that you are NOT connecting the ends. Me too. For a limited time only, this new clara chunky knit blanket pattern is fahhhhhreeee! How do I get outta my funks? I knit my way through it all. So so so good. Two. You know what they say when you are going through hell?

Just like that. We have been swinging at cancer like a Southern church lady swings her purse ever since I wrote this blog post about. The knitting needles are bundled up by me, and sent to you with lurve. The crappy part about acrylic is that its crappy. Theres a new chunky blanket kit in town too LOL heres my newest blog post about it and here it is in the blog shop!

 I didnt know what. Big love and happy knitting!  Not this time.  Acrylic doesnt look as good and it definitely isnt as warm. Knit, pURL, lather, rinse, repeat.  I just happened to be holding knitting needles. This chunky knit blanket pattern is basic.  Theres a new knit collection in my blog shop! .