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Does weis have digital coupons

does weis have digital coupons

unsure how long the remains had been at the location. More recently police shot and killed a pit bull on the porch after the dog charged 10 people. Judge Michael Toole sentenced Jason Demski, 21, South Hanover Street, to 111/2 months minimum to 23 months maximum on a single count of robbery. The citations call for Zafia to pay fines and court costs totaling 437.50, if convicted. Police said in the criminal complaint that Brogdon obtained a protection-from-abuse order against White prior to the alleged assault. He estimated he sold 75 pounds of pipe using the money to buy heroin, the criminal complaint says. After the drug raid on East Union Street, Shultz said officers raided the apartment of James Cobley, 24, at.

does weis have digital coupons

Kravaski, who was wearing a seatbelt, also suffered a minor injury in the crash and was taken to Mercy Hospital as well. They havent been arraigned on the latest charges filed against them. 7/13/2009 Nanticoke police investigate early morning home invasion Erin Moody - Citizens' Voice Police in Nanticoke are investigating an early morning break-in Sunday in Lexington Village on Agostino Street. Drury insisted that he did not consume any alcoholic beverages and that the Red Man Select chewing tobacco that he was chewing contained an unspecified amount of Tennessee whiskey, police said in the criminal complaint. He also told her he did not want his name as father on the birth certificate of their unborn child, according to Carrie's friend. For a report of a burglary in progress. Treasury officials into a global arms transport network controlled by Russian businessman Victor Bout, according to Associated Press reports. Antonik was arraigned by District Judge Ronald Swank and was released on her own recognizance. The alleged crimes occurred between July 4 and Sept.

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