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Montreal at EUR 20,000. Here is an example of part of the side elevation showing the engine. If you feel nervous about this procedure, it is alternatively possible to turn over the engine by hand. The car had been manufactured in July 1971, and was restored in Europe and shipped from Italy to the US in 2014. Since there are two coils, each fires twice for one revolution of the crankshaft. Classic Alfa can also supply a repro slave cylinder (MN014) of the correct dimensions that is made from aluminium alloy. While this allows the pressure at the input to the Spica to be raised to the nominal value, the lower flow rate reduces the cooling by recirculating fuel. A pink Montreal was chosen as the front cover illustration for Volume 5 "Transportation by land and sea" of the set of popular science books Shijiekepuhualang published in Chinese by Zhe Jiang Educational Press in June 1997.

The strainers in the boss grillz discount code oil reservoir and at the entrance to the intake duct in the sump do not require routine maintenance. Dutch triplet - Montreal fleet under restoration by Arnoud Duiven. This could easily have caused the glass to shatter. The TA ensures that the pump delivers the correct mixture at all engine temperatures, which is particularly important if the car is used for frequent short journeys, and also opens the throttles a little to ensure a satisfactory idle when it is cold. (top) Window glass When closing the rear window, take care to apply equal pressure to both sides of the frame, in order to avoid twisting it with a risk of cracking the glass. During 1971 the pistons fitted to early engines were replaced by reinforced models (.00 for pistons with Borgo rings,.01 for pistons with Goetze rings). The specific data for the Montreal were not included but were subsequently published in "Giulia, 1750, 2000 and Montreal models - Wheel and Suspension - Front End Geometry - Amendment to Specifications (Supplement to diass Public. Equivalencies which may be useful: Description AR Part. In 2001, as part of their 147 promotion, Alfa Romeo in Germany issued a new "Belle Macchine" quartet pack in which the Montreal is one of the "Atemberaubende Modelle" (breathtaking models) featured. In the case of poor motor performance, check that the magnets have not become detached and moved out of position.