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the same front sleeve as before, but the rear sleeve has the first sleeve design restored with white text instead of black text. . Banke (1975 release) CBS SBP 474262 (New Zealand) - detail of rear, scan by Lars. The only Bob Dylan album listed on the inside of the cassette insert is Greatest Hits. Hans Seegers informs me there was a second Argentinean release - scans required. "Blood On The Tracks" - stereo vinyl LP, CBS 137873 (Brazil 197 5: CBS 137873 (Brazil) - front photo by Paul Prince This rare album again has a unique front sleeve variation. The songs are still credited to "Albert".

The second release record comes in the same UK outer sleeve and the same maroon inner as the first release record. The front sleeve has a slightly lighter maroon than the first 1975 release. There are also stickers on both sides and "CX 50" is again handwritten on Side. Gerd Rundel's promo copy has these matrix numbers on the record and a hard-to-read red stamp "promotion record NOT FOR sale" on the rear sleeve.

Paul Shenton has a copy of this cassette with the insert from the previous late 1970s release above. This label design was also used for the Singapore/Malaysia release of Desire in 1976. Lars has a second late 1970s copy bought in Sweden where the record has black ring-shaped stickers, but the "Columbia" logos on the rear sleeve are not obscured. The record comes in a plain maroon cardboard inner sleeve with "CBS o2 spa discount coupons 69097" at bottom left and has 1960s-style CBS orange labels with the catalogue number "CBS S 69097". Also of interest is the duet version of Buckets Of Rain by Bette Midler and Bob, from Bette's Atlantic album Songs For The New Depression, see 1976.

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