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How do u pronounce coupon

how do u pronounce coupon

to remember? Im allergic to roses: Güle alerjim var. Good luck, and above all, may your new addition be healthy and happy! Dondurma ister misiniz?

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Does it have a cultural or family meaning? Turkish grammar is complex, but also quite regular. Its two most characteristic features are : (1) vowel harmony (vowels within a word follow certain harmonic patterns) and (2) agglutination (addition suffixes to words.) Through this process, astoundingly long word phrases can be encountered. Other Useful Vocabulary : Su water Fincan cup Portakal suyu Orange-juice Bardak glass Et suyu meat-broth Tabak plate Süt milk Bçak knife eker sugar, candy, sweet Büyük big, large Kahve coffee küçük small, little Sade no sugar Erkek man, male Az ekerli a little sugar. Turkish formerly used the same alphabet as Arabic, but has been written in the Latin alphabet since 1928 as mentioned above; since 1940, Azeri and Uzbek have been written in Cyrillic but efforts are now under way to replace it with Latin. The first day of every school year, I braced myself for the moment when the teacher would abruptly stop with a confused look on her face. Im a student: Örenciyim. Bu pahal This is expensive O pahal degil That is not expensive Bu çok ucuz This is very inexpensive / cheap Istiyorum I want it, this, that Istemiyorum I dont want it, this, that Numbers : Bir(1), iki(2 üç(3 dört(4 be(5 alt(6 yedi(7 sekiz(8 dokuz(9. For example, the following means, Maybe you are one of those whom we were not able to Turkify. Good friends drop the bey and hanm.

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