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writer Anais Nin and to both our surprise, my sister changed her preconceptions of Anais Anais that smelled very lovely and serene on me, not. I don't have no bad experience with Anais Anais, and she will always be my signature day fragrance no matter how old I become, and everyone saying its a "old lady" fragrance, well I don't think the people who were erotically charged by the fragrance. I worn this perfume in many social gatherings, took this on strolls through the city, beaches, school and libraries, day or night this perfume gives off a soothing captivating fragrance that people started to take notice of me, this perfume helped me to become aware. Once upon a time in the 90's, this became my signature day perfume when I was a teen, I remember the advertisements that was so feminine and elegant,seeing 2 female models that one was brunette and another a natural redhead that seem so sensual looking. In this aspect of Anais Anais is very erotic and irresistible on me and I like it, but I learned the perfume has charm not only for earthly fun but also this perfume as I grew older always was a good luck charm that whenever. Dear Readers, This testimony comes from my personal experience with this fragrance and I feel the story should be told, how this beloved perfume open the doors for me, both the transcending and the forbidden. Bywhich that provocative spirit that been seeded in the fragrance Anais Anais and now in me too, one that awakens erotic desires in the hearts of strangers,friends and certain people I cannot bare to write here since this perfume created a twilight conscious erotic Nymphet. But this nymphet that was born into me, as I grew older this spirit grew more hungry and wild for passion, wanting to open the door of the sensual world, even as a experiment even though my swan side wanted romance and tenderness but the. And has that timeless feminine scent that has a lot of character that belongs to fine lady, young or mature and dreams and desires pleasures of romance,passion and to be reborn but always a woman that is ultra feminine, this isn't a one size fits.

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Anais Anais Cacharel perfume - a fragrance for women 1978

etd discount tire coupon

Anais Anais is my charm to attract people to me and to captivate them, my first kiss with someone who I did not love nor liked,Anais Anais was there present on me and like other's before wanted more of my company but I always escaped. Luckly it seem it was destined since at that time when I was a young teen maybe 14 or 15?, my sister worked in a perfume boutique where I got to sample vast amounts of perfumes and Anais Anais was there, like a swan among. Viva Anais Anais and the house of Cacharel! Well, it open the first door of having signature female perfume and open coming out to my mother and sister about my two spirit nature and having Anais Anais as my totem to show it's beautiful,elegant and serene with air of respect, since Anais Anais. But there was also another side to this transcending process and new discoveries, there was also the awakening of the erotic and sensuality where it open those forbidden doors and seeing the notes here on fragrantica, it all makes perfect sense why people saw. Now your must be saying, ok but how this open doors? Cancellation or refund requests are subject to the refund policy.

etd discount tire coupon