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Disney movie club promo code 7 movies

disney movie club promo code 7 movies

CS reps have been known to input the wrong packaging. The list will be updated when our editors find any new promo codes or deals. For Blu-ray packaging the title is typically Blu-ray/DVD, and if it's the DVD packaging it's DVD/Blu-ray.

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You can mix-and-match in regards to slipcovers, cases and "wraps" (aka Cover Art). But if you don't see your order there within a few days, you can call and ask about your order status. (3 which titles are eligible for an enrollment order? We've also recently heard about DMC recording/storing information regarding attempted enrollments (i.e. 'tastes' and ideas and morals (or more accurately, lack thereof) Legitimate ordering of a new release/pre-order can be done online and/or over the phone by simply using the title of the movie. You can see the discount code and read its requirement when you click. If you decide to continue as a VIP member, you'll be eligible for a slightly better "Buy 1, Get XX off" deal, as well as other special offers available only to VIP members. 41227 Get Coupon 5 Disney Movies for 1 Free Shipping When You Join Disney Movie Club It never hurts to try a few promo codes. See the Cancelling Your Membership question below for more details regarding cancelling a membership. You can also save as much as you can with AnyCodes Disney Movie Club Promo Codes deals. When you see BD w/DVD in the name, you're receiving the Blu-ray packaging.

However you can also call in ( ) and order a replacement, just note that like everything else DMC related, your results may vary in regards to whats available. Show spoiler, general consensus is that it's easiest to sign up over the phone ( as it seems you have more options available for your initial 5-7 movies over the phone than over the default webpage signup method. Any regular-priced title that.95.95 or higher will count towards your Commitment.