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The total is thus higher than the total number of incidents, as more than one type of force was used in some incidents. While detailed information was not always available, the cases nevertheless highlight some disturbing concerns which Amnesty International believes should provide the basis for a full, independent inquiry and further research. Although it was impossible to assess the role of the Taser on the information provided, she believed it could not be ruled out as a contributory factor, along with the restraint. Ventricular fibrillation can be caused by a myocardial infarction (heart attack electrocution or drowning and, in the case of electrocution, would usually follow immediately after application of the shock.(133) In February 2002, Dr Robert Stratbucker, Medical Director for Taser International, reviewed three cases in which. In only eleven cases were suspects reported to be armed.

In May 2004 a police officer from South Tuscon, Arizona, used a Taser on a nine-year-old girl who was a runaway from a residential home for severely emotionally disturbed children. quot;Active physical resistance" is defined in departmental policy as"acts of fleeing or escaping" or"suspect attempts to resist arrest without assaulting officer". The recommendation followed a critical review in the oparb #39;s annual report of two complaints involving police Taser use. After several commands to stop, the officer deployed a Taser, which gained the subject #39;s compliance".(53) The SPD provided a racial break-down of individuals subjected to Tasers through to May 2004, which showed that 45 of subjects were African American and 42 Caucasian. Reports suggest that Tasers are commonly used to secure compliance in routine arrest and non-life-threatening situations. Cases where Dr Rogde found the Taser to be a possible contributory factor were: Eddie Alvarado, Richard Baralla, James Borden, Dennis Hammond, Glenn Leyba, Gordon Randall Jones and Michael Sharp Johnson.

However, the ability to record the duration of each firing is not contained in the M26 Taser, which remains widely used (possibly by a majority of US police agencies). Officers had responded to complaints by residents that Hammond was walking up and down the street and screaming at the sky. A child is defined under international standards as a person under. In legal briefs filed by the City, police reportedly acknowledged that Ms Crowder was"pushed onto the dirt next to the sidewalk" when she ignored their orders not to enter the trailer. According to his attorney he was mentally disturbed, unarmed and half naked (dressed only in swimming shorts) when arrested for beating on cars. At an inquest in the case, the security guards testified that they had approached Lomax because he appeared to be overdosing on drugs,"dazed and confused"walking in circles, lifting his shirt and sweating.