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ron carter hyundai service coupons

have ever met one of these creatures close up and even fewer have met 12 in one week. Imagine meeting not one whale shark face to face, but twelve! Actually finding these whale sharks is often a nearly impossible task. It took Christian several days of intense instruction to increase their skills to the point that they were ready for these dives. Incredibly, one of the massive creatures appeared on the second day. As they braved the waters around Darwin Island, Christian was faced with the biggest challenge.

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Surrounded by hammerhead sharks, sea turtles and fish, it was like watching the most massive and spectacular imax screen. Their experience in the waters of the Galapagos Islands left them in awe. Studying the conditions carefully, he chose the time and the spot and led the divers to a rock ledge under Darwin's arch, 70 feet below the surface. When the whale shark slowly cruised past on the ocean current, the divers followed their guide out into the blue to meet it face to face. The tourists were under the guidance of Christian Rueda, a very experienced and talented nature guide and scuba diver. They embarked on a 7 day voyage aboard the Galapagos Sky, a tour boat that would take them to one of the most remote, hostile, and challenging environments on the planet. I only want to create citations. After investing so much in this trip, Christian understandably felt a lot of pressure to provide them with the view of a whale shark they were hoping for. These divers were about to experience something beyond their wildest dreams.

They are seasoned adventurers, but they needed specific training about how to dive in the strong currents in the Galapagos. These scuba divers have traveled from Canada to the Galapagos Islands for the trip of a lifetime. This video provides us with a few highlights from their adventure. It is the biggest fish and also the biggest animal in the world, with the exception of a few species of whale. Christian had the divers lined up on the wall to watch and wait. They were hoping for a sighting of a whale shark, the most massive and majestic shark in the ocean. NEW Check my paper, citing and more! For a scuba diver, there is no greater experience than to swim with a whale shark.

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