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Add discount code to paypal button

add discount code to paypal button

to add a discount code to the paypal button, The javascript works and says the discount code is valid but isn't taking the discount off the amount when you click the buy now button to pay. " /?php orderdets mysql_query select * from c4d_orderitems where orderid. ' / input type'hidden' name"amount_?php echo iloop;? Use the Email tab. Step-by-step, the PHP Script, set up the PHP script, first. One says "Website" and the other says "Email". if (pos 0) str bstring (rnd, pos 3 return str; function ReadForm (obj1) / apply the discount var amt, des; amt ount_?php echo iloop;?.value*1.0; / base amount des sedes_?php echo iloop;?.value; / base description if (discnt 0) / only if discount is active amt Pound. Paypal border"0" name"submit" alt" PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!" img alt" border"0" src"https www.

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Make a note of its URL, as it will be needed for the coupon code form. The Coupon Code Form Here is example code for a coupon code form. Now that you have the PayPal URL for the regular product price, replace the example URL in the PHP code with your own PayPal URL between the"tion marks following RegularProductPriceURL The second customization is to specify the URL for the coupon price. " value'?php if echo.01 else echo itemprice;? No space or other characters before. Tweet this, if the coupon code is invalid or no coupon code was provided, the browser is redirected. PayPal payment page with the coupon price for the product. Note: The technique described will only work with one-price, no-selection buttons.

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