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Vaseline spray and go moisturizer reviews

vaseline spray and go moisturizer reviews

I loved the hydration and smoothing results of the lotion, I have to say I wasn't crazy about the "cocoa radiant" scent I tried and am really hoping to get a hold of the "aloe fresh" and "total moisture" varieties. So when I came across the Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer, I thought I would give it a try. One con would be that I found that it didn't last very long. Its simple to use!

Hello Beauties, Hope you are doing great! Do I think you should try it? Spray and Go Moisturizer. Maybe I was using too much of the product? Just a spritz and youre good to go!

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The lotion is quite moisturizing and my skin stays moisturized until the next day when I shower. My skin is a little dry, and I felt that I could have used a little heavier moisturizer. One more thing it is great for travelling as you can lock the spray cap and you can be sure that theres no in-bag leakage. I think that it is a great option to use during the summer months as it is not greasy at all and absorbs easily. If you dont have the driest of skin then I would recommend this one is ideal for you as it isnt as hydrating as the cocoa one. Im a big fan of the Aloe variant of Vaseline products, having used them in their various forms (hand cream, lotion, gel etc) over the years. To get an all over application you would need to spray a few inches further from your arm or leg. Fresh and pleasant aloe smell. Vaseline Healthy White 2 Week Body Fairness Cream. It gets absorbed instantly. I dont think. Doesnt that sound wonderful?

vaseline spray and go moisturizer reviews