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vampire aristocrat turns out to have named his home "Don'tgonearthe Castle in the happy knowledge that this will guarantee a steady supply of passing travelers to snack. Doctor Who runs on this trope. During an amusing conversation in Dragon Age: Origins, Leliana talks about being in the cloister surrounded by chaste young women. However, the Forbidden Fruit in this instance is good if he hadn't given in, the Satan-like alien would have been able to escape and take over the universe. Note There are some "recreational" drugs that can easily kill on first use, but the best example of such (datura/jimsonweed) is entirely legal and barely ever gets mentioned in anti-drug education. Freak weather conditions in Tasmania bounced the signal to Victoria, allowing people in the state to get their first glimpse of the show. Among other things, it requires you to commit suicide seven times in a variety of horrific ways. In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Lucy, reading through a spellbook, comes on some forbidden spells.

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(Note that a similar gambit is attributed to Frederick II the Great of Prussia,. Being with only one person makes you notice all the attractive people you're not with, and if the relationship is monogamous (at least, on paper these are people you can never be with. In the South Park episode "Cartmanland Cartman accidentally succeeds in triggering this trope when he buys a money-losing theme park and plans to use it exclusively for his own use. There's one sealed envelope at the bottom of the box that simply reads "DO NOT open. The very next thing Hiro does is open. Depending on which version you read, Pandora herself was created by the gods and given to Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus. Wright 's The Golden panasonic coupon Age, Phaethon is warned that he can recover from his Laser-Guided Amnesia only at the price of exile.