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written request for inspection or disclosure, the person requesting access under section 6103(e 3 B) must provide the Service with (i) proof of the date of death, place of death, and state of decedents residence, to help determine which state law. Section 6721 provides that a payor may be subject to a penalty for failure to file a complete and correct information return. Section 601.201(e) furnishes specific instructions to applicants. The Service may request additional information as needed. The regulations further provide that the IRS will inform the payor or the payors authorized agent whether or not the name/TIN combination furnished by the payee matches a name/TIN combination maintained for the TIN matching program. A payment card organization and its members, affiliates, and licensees must respond to any reasonable IRS request for inspection of any books and records that relate to the operation of TIN solicitation activity, including, but not limited to, reports, memoranda, budgets, and computer printouts. Accordingly, under paragraphs (f 3) and (f 4) of this section, Q must notify Customer A within four months of the beginning of each reporting period during which Q makes these payments that Merchant X is not a qualified payee with respect to the payments. Accordingly, as of January 1 of Year 3, under.1275-1(b 1) and.1272-1(g respectively, the adjusted issue price of the new indebtedness and Ss adjusted basis in the indebtedness is 9,647,868.

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The proposed regulations provide a second exception for payments to persons other than qualified payees. The application for renewal must include the results from participation in the IRS TIN Matching Program during the current five-year term. Estate TAX, proposed regulations provide guidance for making the election under section 2632(c) of the Code to not have the deemed allocation of unused generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax exemption apply with regard to certain transfers to a GST trust. Section.368-1(b) sets forth the general rule that, upon an exchange, gain or loss must be recognized if the new property differs materially in kind or extent from the old property. The allocation of GST exemption on the date of the transfer is treated as preceding in point of time the taxable distribution. The 80,000 monthly interest payments are qualified stated interest payments within the meaning.1273-1(c) of the Income Tax Regulations. The plan year for which the extension is requested,.e., the first plan year for which the extension of the amortization period will be reflected in the determination of the minimum funding standard for the plan (.g., 1/1/200412/31/2004). Effective date This revenue procedure is effective for all ruling requests received after August 2, 2004, the date of its publication in the Internal Revenue Bulletin. That notice provides, generally, that under 301.9100-3, relief will be granted if the taxpayer establishes to the satisfaction of the Commissioner that the taxpayer acted reasonably and in good faith and that a grant of the requested relief will not prejudice the interests of the. Accordingly, under.61-12(c 2 ii P realizes income from the discharge of indebtedness in an amount equal to 397,868, the excess of the adjusted issue price of the P indebtedness (9,647,868) over the amount of the distribution (9,250,000). (4) Allocation to other transfers (i) In general. (d) Allocations after the transferors death (1) * * * A late allocation of GST exemption by an executor, other than an allocation that is deemed to be made under section 2632(b 1) or (c 1 with respect to a lifetime transfer of property.

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