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Santa Claus sits across from me in his favorite plush chair, with his classic Santa hat resting on his brim. Is that your real name young lady? People across the United States are receiving. Real, genuine personalized letters from Santa. Theres going to be no doubt about Santa Claus er, I mean "me." (Santa smiles) The " babocush coupon Package from Santa " Program is also being implemented with a more efficient warehousing structure, allowing us to send out additional custom goodies, such as collector tins. I know what you're thinking, "I need to see some photographic evidence.". The experience and memories of a good Santa letter can last a lifetime, for both the child and the parents. Couldn't believe Santa knew so much about her. "Newly Found Proof that Santa Claus IS real!". Throughout history, his mere existence has been shrouded with vague answers to such compelling questions as: "Is Santa Claus real?" "Where is Santa Claus right now?" "How many, santa Letters do you receive each year?" "Is that story about Rudolph really true?" or "How. Confidential report, many generations of children have demanded to see some proof that Santa Claus is a real person.