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aloft to show off efforts can spread loose seeds and counteract good work. Sarah-Jayne Bowers (BHS Scotland Chair) welcomed everybody, gave a very enlightening talk about the BHS and how we can all reflect on what the BHS has done for us all as members and carried out the official cutting of the cake. This ride will explore Barskimming Estate through farmland, mature woods and tree lined avenues, and will follow the River Ayr as it carves its way through Ayrshire and discover beautiful haugh land, sandstone caves and enticing estate tracks. New Regional Committee Formed on Shetland BHS Scotland is pleased to report that Shetland is now the 14th Regional Committee within Scotland. . Altogether nearly 130 coaches turned out to enjoy the day and the feedback was entirely positive; direct, analytical without being boring, with an absorbing, and at time amusing delivery Adam kept his demo riders busy at the same time as reaffirming in our coaches the. During the show Members of the Club Display Team will dismantle the 1953 Volvo PV834 Light Truck in preparation for a total rebuild, which will commence as soon as the show finishes. Well done to the winning team - "Neigh Bother" and to the runners up "Highlanders" and for everybody taking part. Clinical signs of influenza include: The sudden onset of a dry, harsh cough which can continue for two to three weeks and potentially persist for longer.

There is already keen interest and as numbers are strictly limited, early booking is strongly advised. Here are some pictures from our privileged and interesting look behind the scenes at two of Scotland's leading National Hunt yards. Our experts are also familiar with all modern and actual rules of formatting. It is targeting vulnerable road users, such as cyclists, children and horse riders, with the knowledge needed to stay safe while highlighting how these groups can safely co-exist with other traffic. In addition, academic requirements are changed all the time, which makes it difficult for students to fulfill their professors expectations. This was accompanied by Volvos F86 Tractor Unit from 1967, which was the very first Volvo truck to be imported into the UK by Scottish entrepreneurs Jim McKelvie and Jim Keyden who set up Ailsa the UK Volvo Truck Importers in 1967 hence the name. Ann has been active within the Society for more than 30 years, during which she has furthered the cause of equestrian access both as a volunteer and a member of staff. Create biosecurity for your own horse- look for the critical control points in its life and strengthen these.

Standard SUs, revised needles. More than any other event we have been part of in the last two decades, horsepower - held in the heart of the central belt and run to a stringent risk assessment - brought equines and people together in an exemplary fun and educational way. AM can affect individual horses or several horses within the same group. People were free to wander around the stables and the horses seemed to enjoy the attention. It is hoped that a few events will be organised over the winter months with a presence at one of the shows in summer 2018. In 2018 Lucinda was awarded an OBE for services to horseracing. We are hoping the A9 NMU route will be truly multiuse as a result of today. . Supported by Volvo Truck UK who kindly brought along their 1967 Volvo F86 the first Volvo truck to imported into the UK, which they purchased some years ago and fully restored. Wednesday morning was the 7am ferry to Ullapool then Wick with a pre-arranged meeting with NW500 to raise road safety concerns concerns on behalf of local members, where the route managers agreed to put dead slow fliers in each NW500 application pack so good work. The British Horse Society are very grateful for being part of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service events over the summer months and are looking forward to developing their partnership with sfrs. Local access volunteers presented their positive partnership work at Gartmorn Dam in Clackmannanshire, Balmedie Beach in Grampian, and the Frandy Gate in Strathearn and the event also showcased the valuable work of rangers in Beecraigs Country Park who work inclusively to accommodate all users fairly. Thanks to our individual approach, every customer can get what they want.

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