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Burger bar 419 coupons las vegas

burger bar 419 coupons las vegas

I wanted or expected same as the nacho supreme serving. I will also gladly speak to anyone from corporate level who would like to know what is actually going on in this store. (ticket #2055) Thanks-Sam Burris latisha brooks from La Grange, GA Nov 03, 2018 taco salads had only lettuce and rice. Needless to say it was not able to be drank.

When traveling, we like places than emphasize regional and reflect the chef. And I said gladly. I do not want to speak to anyone in the store as it never fixed anything. I look forward to hearing back from you.

This is the 2nd time I've visited this franchise and they had NO beef. Theresa Lee Miller from Dayton, OH Apr 21, 2018 If I could rate you a zero or minus that would be the one I picked. The order was not only not ready, it had not even begun to be prepared. Also at the Yorktown NY location where I live, they charged.99 instead.00. She did not even say taco bell. She felt she just have order chip and e Toco Bell in Knox Indiana really need to add the meat to the meal. Upon arrival at 2000 hours, was informed that personnel had no record of order. She said ok, he's getting ready to start on yours now. Other patrons, also waiting for ice, told an employee and the ice machine worked for several people. Virgin Islands, where he worked at the famed Frenchman's Reef Hotel restaurant.

I expect 21 dollars in free coupons or a check for.55. I would appreciate someone getting in touch with me since it has been over 2 months ago.