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Montreal: instead of the "lid" that covered the upper part of the headlights, there are now two slits which continue down to the lower part of the front, after a sharp edge level with the wheel arch. (The Montreal was no longer officially catalogued here in 1976-77). A few of the Tool Bulletins issued between 1971 and late 1973 were relevant to the Montreal. Corgi Electro Rockets 4002 Alfa Romeo Montreal miniatures have even been auctioned by Bonhams.

Dennis Judi, new Jersey 101.5

catch air paramus coupons

"Which Classic?" by Penn McKay, New Zealand Classic Car, April 1995. Timo Jaatinen reports that one Montreal was imported french lick golf coupons to Finland when new and there are at present 7 in the country. (top) Electric windows Most Montreals were equipped with electrically operated side windows, an option which added DEM 660 to the cost of the car in Germany and CHF 800 in Switzerland. While authenticity purists will prefer to maintain the original equipment, inertia reel belts are a lot more convenient and can be fitted quite readily. To extract a liner which is stuck in the block, run a bead of weld around the inside of it about a third of the way down from the top of the fitted portion. 37) are available for DEM 30 plus shipping. The 97 mm centre spacing of the outer cylinder pairs is sufficient to allow the standard Montreal block to be bored out to accept 92 mm liners for 86 mm dia pistons. Milan Monti - Fully restored Montreal in Vimercate (MI). Sepp B├╝rgi has made new pistons to replace worn components in Montreal pumps, instead of using ones from old 4-cylinder Spicas.