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Burger king bogo croissanwich coupons

burger king bogo croissanwich coupons

buy two Croissanwiches than she paid for one. But, when she bought a third Sausage Croissanwich at 7:59.m. All persons who purchased a Croissanwich at a Burger King location in Virginia using Burger Kings bogo coupon (the Virginia Class) (collectively, the Classes). A Maryland woman accuses Burger King of running a nationwide coupon con. She was charged.19, pre-tax, for two Sausage Croissanwiches. District Court in the District of Maryland, accusing Burger King of deceptive trade practices, breach of contract and breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

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Early in 2017, a woman filed a class action lawsuit against Burger King claiming that they were up-charging customers for a 2-for-1 Croissanwich deal. She says she found similar discrepancies between the single price and the bogo price at different Burger Kings in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington,.C. According to her lawsuit, which includes scans of the coupons and receipts, iuiga discount code Anderson used her bogo coupon at 7:58.m. Miami Herald investigated independently. This time, the receipt says, she paid a base price.19 at 7:19.m. Again, receipts appear to show that in all cases, the diners paid more per sandwich when they used bogo coupons. If a person buys one item for the regular price, that person would normally expect to receive two of the items for the price of buying one, under a bogo offer. So Anderson of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, filed a class-action lawsuit in the.S. The bogo lawsuit settlement doesnt acknowledge that Burger King did anything wrong, nor has the court decided who was right in the case.