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auto medals discount code

hurt another person. Click the "Stalk" button on each one to unlock something new for use in GTA. Joshua., Sandy Shores Nigel Mission: Nigel And Mrs. Start the second hunting side mission called "Fair Game".

An exotic/super car will always spawn in this location. Another method is shooting down some planes of an airline, then buying a bunch of stock in that airline after their stock decreases. Ammu-Nation assistance When the cops are after you and you are near an Ammu-Nation shop, go inside, and the store owner may pull out a carbine and kill some of the cops for you.

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Get just the collectible challenge coin you need from Sgt. Location: Marina Drive, Sandy Shores Mission: Fair Game Requirement: Successfully complete the "Target Practice" mission. Lights - Xenon Lights. The order in the video below matches with the order of the Trackify app. This side mission becomes available after completing the "Fame Or Shame" story mission. All direction commands must be entered using the digital pad. You may come across a random event where you will find a clearing in the desert with some bullet-ridden trucks and dead or dying drug dealers. That company will benefit from the assassination you are about to perform, and your stock in that company will greatly increase in value.