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Can you use a coupon more than once

can you use a coupon more than once

wanted to buy 4 biscuits could I use 2 Internet coupons, because technically they arent on the same item, right? Most people understand that they can save some money on a product when they use a coupon. If the coupon says cannot be combined with other offers it means you cannot stack that coupon with another one. Source(s You Go Girl! Pick up a box of Cheerios.

Long Beach Rocker 9 years ago 1, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment). This is called stacking. The cashier would have to hand that customer some cash and watch her walk out the door with tons of free groceries. Each block is a coupon.

It might say that you cannot stack coupons at all! The shortest explanation of coupon stacking is when a person uses two (or more) coupons on one item at the same time. When?can you use 2 coupons on one item? Read the coupon policy at the store you shop. Stack another block on top of the first one, and you get a higher amount of savings. Follow, each order can only accept one coupon. Here is an easy example.

Can you use coupons more than once? What i mean is, for example, i have 3 coupons for burgerking, i present a coupon, and make my purchase, take all the food items back to my car, then go back into burgerking, present another coupon, and etc. Each order can only accept one coupon.

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